Liberty Fire Company No. 1

Adams County Company 11 - York County Station 112

(717) 259-7125

Fax (717) 259-9939

1991 American LaFrance :  Service ends on April 11, 2015.

1961 American LaFrance Engine:  Ready for action in this photo from the late '60s.

All Lined Up:  Our fleet in front of the present-day firehouse, circa 1990s.

The Original Liberty Firehouse:  Built in 1892, and maintained by the East Berlin Historical Preservation Society, this landmark is on Fourth Street in the Borough of East Berlin.

Our History 

The first information regarding a local fire company was found in the minutes of the East Berlin Borough Council, dating back to the late 1800s.  In 1887, a motion to purchase a steam fire engine was later tabled indefinitely.  In 1892,  a motion was made by the East Berlin Borough Council to purchase the town's first engine.  After purchasing land on Fourth Street, the first fire station was constructed.

On December 21, 1896 a meeting was held for the purpose of reorganizing the fire company under the name of Liberty Fire Company No. 1 of East Berlin, Pennsylvania.  Nothing can be found in the Borough Minutes or in Fire Company records as to how the name Liberty Fire Company No. 1 was decided upon.  The records are too incomplete between 1892-1896 to make a determination.

Since 1896, Liberty Fire Company No. 1 has been serving East Berlin and neighboring jurisdictions.  It is our privilege to be able to serve the community.